Yeah, we get it: You can’t technically be clinically paranoid if everything you’re afraid of is actually happening. It’s been a few years since we were scared shitless of letting cell phones anywhere near our crotches and suddenly, the electromagnetic waves mess with our brains big time.
Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s all true. Your thoughts are being supervised, the government even has taken complete control over them, all while your moral compass is spinning at 78rpm like a broken shellac. It’s bad, it feels weird and just so wrong. It doesn’t even pay well, for fuck’s sake.
We know, we know: You need a remedy and you need it, like, yesterday at the latest. What we can offer for now is the monthly hundert show on Radio 80000, which handcrafted alpha waves will interlock with your brain activity and set your will free by taking it over – it hasn’t been yours for a while now, after all. Hundert’s pummeling music guests are the B2B (business to brain) or even B2B2B (business to brain to booty) solution your sorry existence needs in these dire times, and they will professionally lead you to your destination with a little splash of »Radiation« to fire you up. They’ve done it for Radio 80000, they’ve done it for your best mate. They can do it for you, if you trust them enough.
So please come and join us in eternal dispersion. RSVP by the complete loss of your sanity.

Berlin, Hamburg
Tuesday 21:00-22:00