Radio 80000 is a non-commercial community radio, streaming live every day from 8am till midnight from ZIRKA in the north of Munich. Founded in 2015, it has evolved to a platform promoting collaboration and cultural expression through music, dialogue and events throughout Germany. DJs, musicians, producers, journalists and music lovers present an individual idea of radio that goes beyond algorithms and commercial playlists. By highlighting local scenes and welcoming guests from around the world, we aim to create a community of like-minded individuals. The studio serves as a real life meeting point for everyone to listen and hang out.

Code of Conduct

As part of a music community that acts and is connected on a global level, we value and respect diversity and actively strive to achieve equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination. Therefore equal opportunities have to be available to everyone, regardless of gender, age, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness or belief system. Radio 80000 is focused on community-building and creating visibility for underrepresented artists and minorities.

Radio 80000 does not tolerate any form of favouritism, hurtful language, discrimination, abuse, marginalisation or insulting behaviour on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion, background, skin colour, religious belief, sexuality, gender identity, socioeconomic class, caste, disability or age. We do not accept sexism, racism, colourism, homophobia, biphobia, interphobia and transphobia or hostility, antisemitism, Islamophobia, fascism, age discrimination, ableism and other and/or intersectional forms of discrimination.

In addition, Radio 80000 does not tolerate any acts of violence, abuse or harassment of any verbal, physical, sexual or other nature towards its listeners, guests, partners and team members. In the event of a violation of the Code of Conduct, Radio 80000 reserves the right to restrict access and to refuse service to the violating parties. We understand this Code of Conduct as an ever evolving process, improved through the joy through discourse among the people involved.


The Awareness Team is there to listen, understand and advise people confidentially and, in the first instance, always anonymously at Radio 80000 events and during everyday broadcasting. At the request of the person seeking advice, the Awareness Team will consult about possible measures to be taken. The implementation of these measures is the responsibility of Radio 80000. The service is aimed at anyone who witnesses, experiences or is affected by discrimination as laid out in the Code of Conduct. We are very grateful for your active assistance and encourage all listeners, guests, partners and team members to report any incidents to the Awareness Team.


Leo Bauer, Johannes Bergmann, Niklas Bergmüller, Julian Borngräber, Jakob Braito, Nicholas Brown, Jens Buss, Lukas Ebeling, Clara Engelhardt, Stella Farina, Felix Flemmer, Carina Güttler, John Haag, Jannis Herzberger, Serafine Janucek, Rosa Luckow, Maria Margolina, Nil Neumann, Florian Roth, André Schauer, Elias Schwaiger, Oliver Schwamkrug, Amanda Stach, Lily Tischer, Valentin Ullmann, Leyla Vila, Patrick Völler, Tim Wedl, Lucas Wilson, Sianza Zink


Radio 80000
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If you wish to be part of our programme please follow our apply form via Contact. All show applications will be carefully considered.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any words for a possible collaboration.


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