Radio 80000 Celebrations

Radio 80000 Celebrations

since 2017

Sommerfest and Anniversary

2017 is the official start of our own party series which have taken place twice a year, these are open to all and have had the most varied forms and musical orientations over the years.

The Sommerfest in our first studio, the Container Collective, kicked off a three day music marathon in collaboration with the local skate shop SHRN and the Munich label Public Possession. We were able to keep this tradition alive until 2019 and celebrated with different sets by the radio hosts. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were not able to revive the Sommerfest until 2021. In cooperation with Charlie Scout, the fourth event was celebrated in a somewhat smaller, but no less motivated circle at the Gasteig. Since last year, we can again look forward to an appropriate celebration, as the 2022 Sommerfest was definitely a highlight of the past year. Over the course of two days, a wide variety of musical formats were presented. In addition to local radio hosts, we were pleased to have visitors from Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin and even Lisbon. It was the first big party in our current studio, the ZIRKA.

While the Sommerfest only gets people in the mood in the middle of the year, our birthday around the first of May is very convenient for finding a reason to get together a bit earlier. Especially in cooperation with Bar Charlie, the Radio birthdays have been celebrated in a big way in the last years and have also taken place at ZIRKA since our move. With the 8th anniversary on April 29th, 2023, we had the opportunity to enjoy different live and DJ performances from the sub-genres (Post-)Punk, Wave, Neue Deutsche Welle and Experimental.

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