Improved Acoustics

Improved Acoustics

In collaboration with Kunstverein München e.V.

07. – 16. December 2018

In December 2018, in the context of the annual exhibition Jahresgaben, Radio 80000 moved its station completely into the space of Kunstverein München, occupying the Foyer, the Schaufenster am Hofgarten and the website. Connecting the local and the global, programming was shared with similarly independent radio stations from various parts of the world, including Browne Hill Radio (Lagos, NG), Dublin Digital Radio (Dublin, IE), Internet Public Radio (Guadalajara, MX), Kiosk Radio (Brüssel, BE), KMAH Radio (Leeds, GB), LYL Radio (Lyon, FR), Na Manteigna Radio (São Paulo, BR), Netile (London, GB),No Fun Radio (Vancouver, CA), Noods Radio (Bristol, GB), Norrm (Bandung, ID), Radio Beirut (Beirut, LB), Radio Isanganiro (Bujumbura, BI), Radio Bollwerk (Bern, CH), Radio Raheem (Mailand, IT), Shanghai Community Radio (Shanghai, CN), Teder.FM (Tel Aviv, IL), Test.FM (St. Petersburg, RU), Quantica (Lissabon, PT), 20ft (Kiev, UA), among others, and music across different time zones was played, thereby establishing long-term collaborative possibilities for the future.  

For this purpose, the ground floor of Kunstverein München was converted into an ‘open studio’ in order to create an adequate space for listening and discussion that was open to the public. This served as a rare opportunity to gain insight into the practice of contemporary radio making, which in recent years has grown into an important medium of global exchange and musical networking, especially online.

© Hannes Rohrer