Fewer Ears Than Sounds

Fewer Ears Than Sounds

14.10. & 15.10. 2023

Lothringer 13 Halle
Live on radio80k.de

With contributions by
Aimée Theriot-Ramos
Amelie Kahl
Andreas Friesecke
Arnica Montana
Carina Güttler
Diane Barbé
Ilaaf Khalfalla
John Haag
Robyn Steward
Yulia Kothe

A project by Radio 80000 as part of the exhibition “On Listening”. Two evenings of readings, soundperformances and recorded audio pieces.

The exhibition “On Listening” dealt with listening as an essential agency for the reflection on social structures, knowledge production as well as social processes, taking also into account narratives that, contrary to chronological representations, think along non-linear and fragmented narratives.