Lighthouse Festival since 2018

Melt Festival 2022

Back to the Woods since 2022

Since 2018 we have been part of German and international festivals as a radio station. The longest collaboration has been with Lighthouse Festival since 2018, which not only gives us a unique combination of vacation and music experience in Croatia, but also allows us a unique curation of Radio sets at the Hakuma Bay. Get a glimpse of summer vibes and listen back to the contributions of this year: Lighthouse 2023

As a result of a new curation of Melt Festival, in 2022 we had the opportunity to play on the radio stage at the lake for a complete day, as a balance to the more rave focused stages, our goal was to spread smooth and chilled sound for all the beachgoers. These relaxed sets, suitable for a sunny Sunday, can be relisten here: Melt 2022

We can also be found in Munich at the one-day festival in Garching: The Back to Woods will delight us with its own stage again this year and we look forward to local hosts and visitors from other cities, don’t miss it!

© Oliver Schwamkrug